Being used by Quebec

How do you share an house, a national space, with a fool? Yet that is what Alberta is forced to do. 

Look at the illogic that is Quebec. How they hate Canada's oil and rail against it. Yet, they are largely funded by it. They refuse to let an Albertan pipeline through their francophone landscape, yet greedily grab at our oil generated money to pay for their lush social spending. 

The truth is, they have many natural resources themselves, but they do not wish to develop them. Why? You see, someday Alberta's black gold will run dry, and when this happens Quebec's easy money will also run dry. It is then that they will separate from Canada. The brilliance of their posturing is that they will separate from Canada with all their natural resources in tact, while Canada will have exhausted all theirs. 

We need to reap the rewards of our own labour. We are not another Province's slave. Quebec maybe a fool, but Alberta is a fool to be used by a fool.

by Alberta Beef Eater.