Manning warns regional alienation will be a problem for next federal government

Manning "said there are people in Alberta and Saskatchewan who are unhappy with the downturn of the oil and gas sector and with an inability to get product to market. Manning said alienation in Quebec is also likely to take off if the federal courts rule that a ban on public workers from wearing religious symbols or covering their faces is unconstitutional."

And here lies the problem, Canada no longer functions as it was originally designed to function. The problem stems from our departure from our original constitution.

The provinces are meant to be self governing without federal oversight. Yet now the slippery slope of federal oversight has morphed into federal over-lords. The feds wish to enforce their social preferences and economic policies upon the provinces. This was not the intent of confederation. The provinces agreed to have economic mobility between one another without tariffs on certain key items. An economic mutualism, so to speak. Transport trucks and trains and pipelines are free to enable open commerce.

But we see the federal government conspiring with select provinces to hinder this economic mutualism. The only benefit Alberta receives from confederation is our ability to move our goods to market. With this stifled, there is no reason to remain in Canada. We are land locked outside of Canada, but we are not land locked within Canada.

And then we have Quebec. The feds are telling quebecers that they can not structure their social culture the way they wish. The feds are telling quebecers that their culture is going to be forcefully changed - whether they like it or not. The federal government was never supposed to be involved in policing social norms in the provinces. This is a bastardization of Canada's intent.

And what is the leverage the feds have over quebecers? It's Alberta's oil money that they collect and redistribute via transfer payments. They hooked them on easy money and equivalently, turned them into heroin addicts: only their high is obtained by taking other people's hard earned money.

The feds use greed as a weapon to lead people unto self destructive pathways. Quebec's language and culture will fall. Trudeau himself declared that quebecoi culture was repugnant. You'd think that societal scale social engineering should be something quebecers should discuss and agree upon. Yet, and here lies a curious irony, Ontarians are dictating that Quebec's culture will change. Essentially, the Anglophones are telling the Francophones that their culture is irrelevant to Canada and will morph to suit the Anglophone's prerogative. Why is it the Ontarians you ask? Where is the seat of Canada's federal government located?

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