A MUST READ: It's time for Alberta's Boston Tea Party moment (by Ted Morton)

"Our news media is flooded with stories about the tsunami of separatist sentiment that has exploded in Western Canada since Monday’s federal election. Memberships for a “WEXIT” website soared from 2,500 to 125,000 in less than 24 hours. Signatures on an online petition to separate have surpassed 80,000 and more are being added every minute. (Google “Western Alliance Alberta Separation.”)
Mainstream media and commentators are reassuring readers that this disturbance will dissipate. Of course, the 70 per cent of voters in Alberta and Saskatchewan who voted for the Conservatives and now find their provinces with not a single MP in the new Liberal government are angry. But this is just a passing phase. Albertans will get over it, and we will be back to business as usual soon enough. But they are wrong. And they are wrong for two reasons "(click to read article).
Take aways from this article:
  • join membership with WEXIT
  • sign online petition to separate
  • "This also helps to explain why since 1961 the net fiscal transfer of money out of Alberta has been $611 billion. And why since 2010 Ottawa has taken an average of over $20 billion a year out of Alberta, even when we were running nine consecutive deficit budgets. And why Quebec is now receiving two-thirds of every dollar in the federal equalization program. The electoral math is that simple." And what does this mean? Lets say Alberta has 3 million people. That means if we kept OUR money we would receive over 6000 dollars each per year. So a family of 4 would receive over 24000 per year (yes, you count kids!). This is what Premier Klein did when he was in power, he shared oil revenue with Albertians, instead of taxing them and spending them. I remember receiving my checks in the mail. Alberta's wealth is our labor. MONEY IS LABOR. They are stealing our labor, which is our time, which is our life. 
  • "The sad fact is that the Liberal party doesn’t need any votes from the West to form a government. To form a majority government, you need to win a minimum of 170 seats. Ontario (121) and Quebec (78) combined have 199, or 59 per cent of the MPsBy comparison, the three western-most provinces — B.C. (42), Alberta (34) and Saskatchewan (14) — have only 90 MPs or 27 per cent of the total." ...  And to really cement the point with fewer words, we can quote "Pierre Trudeau’s campaign strategist ... “Screw the West. We’ll take the Rest.” What does this mean? It means that they will steal our wealth,  they'll steal our labor, and they'll steal our prosperity. They are enriching themselves off our backs. But it means more. One thing Morton misses here is he is merely focused on the economics of the movement. There is also a social aspect. The East hates the West. They hate our way of life and our means to make a living. We are their "deplorables". We are their Rob Ford. They are self hating and we are self loving. Why would I give charity to someone that tells me to `f-off'? And Trudeau's Prime Minister papa did tell us to `f-off'. SO LETS LISTEN AND F-OFF!