"Bloc on the rise, along with calls for separation in Alberta" - msn

This is an interesting article. We see a resurgence of the Quebec separatist party, the Bloc, under Trudeau's inept and tone deaf party, the Liberals. 

The Bloc was almost defunct 18 months ago, but under the leadership of former Quebec provincial politician Yves-Francois Blanchet, the party is making a significant comeback. Polls and seat projections suggest it might win 20 seats or more in Quebec, up from 10 in 2015 and just four in 2011.

 You can also see how blind the media that reports on this is. It credits the Bloc leader Blanchet for this resurgence, and not the antagonizing policies of Trudeau's Liberals. The great irony of Trudeau, is that in his left hand he touts the superiority of Quebec culture, while simultaneously in his right had, pushing policies to destroy it. When one is presented with such optics they can only reasonably conclude the obvious: that Trudeau is a liar. He is saying one thing and doing another. While Quebecois struggle to protect their beautiful culture, Trudeau is working hard to destroy it. 

But there is something else that I find interesting here. I ponder how calculating the Separatists are in Quebec. If the separatists are unable to find that significant majority vote to Separate they likely know that they can facilitate this if they antagonize Alberta to separate (by blocking our pipelines, being ungrateful for our transfer payments, and by tarring out oil sands and policies) ; Because Quebec would never stay with Canada if Alberta left. 

And while the political adults in the provinces are playing 3D chess, Trudeau thinks he's playing snakes and ladders. 

Trudeau didn't answer Wednesday when he was asked whether he could work with the Bloc, responding instead that Quebec cares about the environment and the Liberals are the only party that can ensure a realistic national climate-change action plan continues to move forward.

The country is quickly moving to insolvency, the provinces are fed up with the Feds, people are angry that they are told they are worthless, and Trudeau thinks environmentalism is the defining topic of discussion? The man is a blind blundering fool. And if Canadians want to be led by a fool, Alberta would be wise to leave.

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