Inter-Provincial Theft

This graphic from the Department of Finance says it all. And remember, this graphic only shows the net gain received, they zero'd the losses instead of showing the actual figure. If you're curious of the extent of the losses that AB, BC, and SK took, then simply add up the money received from those green colored provinces down east; That's a lot of money!  

As a supplementary note, while all 3 of the western provinces are suffering under this unjust program, Alberta has suffered disproportionately more. For more money was taken from Alberta than from BC and Saskatchewan combined.

Now this is the question for my fellow Westerners ... why are we giving OUR wealth away? Last week the Bloc leader verbally spit on Alberta and expressed his disdain for our resources and way of life (The Federal Liberal Party routinely expresses the same sentiment through their chosen leader). They hate fossil fuels. And they state this with their mouths as their hands greedily grab at our black gold's wealth. Transfer payments are a giant federal vacuum cleaner sucking the West's prosperity eastward. We are not fools and we are not patsies. Why would we give charity to those that hate us and are actively trying to destroy us? Lets keep it simple. Our labour and our created wealth is for our children. Lets man up Alberta!