“There’s no other way out except separation,” Kathy Flett, Interim Leader Wexit Alberta - Alberta Press Leader

As Alberta Press reports
As dissatisfaction with the federal Liberal government grows, Wexit events – organized by Peter Downing, Leader of the federal Wexit group – continue. Wexit applied for federal party status, which is now under review by Elections Canada. If successful, the group will run MP candidates in the next federal election. The group also formed a provincial Wexit party and plans to have candidates run as MLA’s in the next provincial election.  
Wexit is forming a provincial party as well, because, to separate, they said Alberta needs an MLA to take a referendum to the federal level. 
Flett said Alberta is “literally broken” under the Canadian Constitution, which was updated in 1982 by former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau.  
“It tells me we are done, that Charter of Rights and Freedom frightens me and keeps me up at night.”
Notice that the separation movement is refining its organization. Political Parties are being formed on the provincial and federal levels. And as Alberta Press reports, Kathy Flett was speaking in Red Deer to a crowd of 600 people. That's a lot of people people!!! It's moving forward, and quickly. 

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