Funny Meme - Trending today in Social Media

A meme reading, "Why is Trudeau wearing an earpiece" is circulating on social media. This is actually an astute observation. I've observed Trudeau with an ear piece myself, but never really gave it much thought. When you slow down and consider it and the reasons for it, it really is quite embarrassing. So here is Trudeau in the House of Commons wearing an earpiece. Others may wear a translation earpiece if they don't speak french, but Trudeau is bilingual, so he doesn't need one. It suggests he is being fed answers on what to say?

I wonder who is on the thinking side of that ear piece? If it's Trudeau's former right-hand advisor, Gerald Butts, does that make Trudeau a Butt head?

It seems the PM of Canada is a puppet.



Note: The original meme link died. So I found this image to replace it.