The dirt on the Wexit firing

Alberta Press Leader has reported some supplementary details that sheds additional light on the events we covered in this article:

Apparently Kathy Smith, the now defunct intern Wexit Alberta leader, was fired by Wexit head, Peter Downing. The rift between the two seems to center on Kathy procuring a trade mark on the Wexit title (something I would have presumed Peter would have acquired early on, but he evidently didn't (?)) - read full article in the Alberta Press Leader link above.

It seems to me that Peter Downing may have acted prematurely on this, given what Kathy took with her,

"six former members of Wexit Alberta. Those members include the former interim leader of Wexit Alberta, Kathy Flett, and a group of Wexit organizers who worked closely with Kathy to build that movement."

Supplementary to this, I do wonder of the logic of firing the individual that apparently now owns the Wexit trademark! Of course, a lot of the information here is sketchy, so I am unsure of the significance of these minute details.

And I bet you didn't know that Provincial politics was so full of drama and intrigue!!

This move has made the  Freedom Conservative Party of Alberta a stronger player in this dialogue and has undoubtedly been a little detrimental to Wexit (the organization, not the movement it alludes to). In the end, having two noteworthy players that are building name recognition is likely a good thing for the cause.

Irregardless of the unfolding soap opera, the end point is (approximately) the same - We want Alberta to separate! So lets hope as the players wax and wane into position, that the movements organizational mechanics is strengthened so we can start on the next phase of Nation Building.