Breaking - Wexit called Racist

There was an article in the Winipeg Free Press called: "Wexit' might influence Ottawa"
I find this to be an excellent example of the rubbish the progressives like to present on any topic they disagree with, and leftist progressives dislike Wexit. Why would they dislike Wexit? I mean, truthfully, Wexit is a progressive movement too, but it is progressing in the opposite direction they wish to travel (away from totalitarianism and towards liberty). Furthermore, they have an insatiable appetite to spend other people's money, and they have been having a party at Alberta's expense for over a generation. They have become so intoxicated with Alberta's money that they are unable to survive without it. I truthfully don’t think they even know where that money comes from anymore, they seem to think magic fairies deposit it into their coffers.

It is here we find a leftist expert trying to explain to all his snooty comrades what all the hoopla is about in Alberta. But who is this intellectual maverick that has his finger on the pulse of all things Western? His name is Royce Koop, and google informs me he is likely a college teacher. I found this in what I believe is his bio:
Royce Koop has taught political science at several Canadian universities, where he specializes in Canadian politics, political parties, and the politics of multi-level states.
It is with this introduction that we will delve into this article, it starts with a simply marvelous intro:
The day after our most recent federal election, a journalist called to ask whether I was available to discuss "Wexit." My response: "Sorry, what?"
Wexit, it turns out, is an unfortunately titled group that is advocating western separation following the results of the election. The group exploded on social media, especially Facebook, garnering thousands of clicks and follows. Saskatchewan MP Randy Hoback confirmed the movement was real: "People are mad. I’ve never seen anything like this." And journalists paid attention: the group’s founder was interviewed by national media and western politicians were asked for their views.
Wexit was viewed as a curious manifestation of western Canadian anger at the results of the election. In fact, the overall shift in votes between the 2015 and 2019 elections does not indicate a highly regionalized vote. But the electoral system produced some dramatic regionalized visuals when the seats were allocated: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal party was re-elected, but lost in every single riding in both Alberta and Saskatchewan.
The Liberals suffered losses but were not wiped out in Manitoba and British Columbia. The sense immediately following the election was that westerners would be left out of decision-making at the federal level and their concerns, particularly related to pipelines, would be ignored. ...
He then attempts to expand upon his slanted history lesson.
Western separation is far from a novel idea. In the 1980s, the Western Canada Concept (WCC) party advocated separation of all provinces and territories west of the Manitoba-Ontario border. The party had minimal success, electing only a single MLA in a 1982 Alberta by-election, and suffered from substantial internal strife. …
In the same way, western separatists are unlikely to be a powerful electoral force, but they may influence ideas and force their concerns on other parties, especially the western-oriented Conservative party. Saskatchewan political scientist Tom McIntosh argued that the internet, and especially social media, might provide new opportunities for western separatist groups such as Wexit to organize, discuss and refine their ideas within the depths of their online echo chambers, and then exercise broader influence.
Now I have to admit that this is fairly amusing. An individual that teaches political science at several universities openly admits that he has no idea who or what Wexit is. He had to research it and quickly dismisses it as a small sect of disenfranchised Albertians. How quickly he shifts from complete ignorance to man-splaining (to borrow from the left's jargon).

So while yesterday he didn't know what Wexit was, today he confidently declares they will never have electoral success. This may be true, but he has already told us that he doesn’t really know much about Alberta politics, particularly in the here and now. You may interject and say,
well, he explained a lot of history regarding Alberta's separation movements.
And I would simply ask,
how much could he know about Alberta politics if he didn't know what Wexit is?
It would be akin to admitting he didn't know who Premier Kenny was, or which party was in power: Yet claiming he has his thumb on the pulse of current prairie political sentiment. It is laughable. As I have already stated, and am returning to because it is pertinent: He had already cut the legs off of his credibility as a regional commentator in his first sentence. 

I do agree, and am compelled, by the influence and reach of social media and how this may strengthen the separationist movement in Alberta. This is because nonsense like this patronizing article are no longer the sole source of media citizens are forced to consume.

A little deeper in his analysis, he does something telling, he attempts to smear Wexit and Albertans. He clearly connects Wexit with racism and white supremacists. And this is disgusting. I wonder why he hasn't had the chutzpah to identify the party Quebecois or the BLOC as white supremacists? Or a black-faced Trudeau? But this is how progressives roll, with dishonesty and ad hominem attacks.
It’s a compelling argument with parallels to the recent activities of the American "alt-right," which has links to white nationalist and anti-immigration groups. The alt-right exists almost entirely online and its adherents are much younger than American conservatives in general. The alt-right’s actual electoral influence has been non-existent, but its influence on the culture of American conservatism has been substantial.
Did you see it? How this article tried to make a mental connection in the reader's mind between Wexit and white supremacy - almost a subliminal message with non-existing connection points. And a nudging insinuation that Albertans may soon don their white pointed hats. This is what the left does. They lie and attempt to taint you with something gross. I remember when they called the Reform Party racist. I remember when they tried to smear Prime Minister Harper as racist. They unequivalently declare on a daily basis that the President of the United States is a racist. And the last 3 Republican Presidents were all called racist. When Romney ran against Obama, he was called a racist. Brexit is called racist. I even saw an article that said that climate deniers are racist. Do you see a pattern here? 

And now they are calling me a racist, and decent hardworking Albertans, for supporting Western Separation. It is a despicable act to casually call anyone that disagrees with leftist rhetoric a racist. News flash, Alberta is multi-ethnic. As are conservatives, as are republicans. We don't care about race. We care about liberty. 

As Wexit, or some other incarnation of the separatist movement gains steam, be prepared for the calls of racism to exponentially increase. The only card they have left is to hope people are too ignorant to discern see the truth. Leftists always think people are stupid and easily manipulated with false propaganda. But people have eyes and don't need to be told what they see. Alberta is being oppressed and it needs to be fixed. 

And ironically, the lefts propensity to call everyone that disagrees with them on any political point a racist -- this is one of a myriad of reasons that Albertans are fed up and wish to leave Canada and its growing insanity.