Wexit Party Supports U.S. Access to Arctic Northwest Passage

As Sea Power Magazine, The official publication of the Navi league of the United States reports: 
A political movement to break Canada in two [Wexit] because of political and economic grievances between the eastern and western regions of the nation is addressing several domestic issues, but also supports the access of U.S. military ships to the Northwest Passage, which Canada claims as territorial waters. ...
Wexit elaborates on its position to Sea Power Magazine: 
In addition, the Government of Canada continues to agitate our southern neighbor through weak law enforcement, compromised intelligence and border security, unsustainable unvetted immigration, susceptibility to espionage, and most importantly — geopolitical opposition to America’s legitimate claims to the Northwest Passage situated in the Arctic,” the release said. “Western Canadians do not share the same hostility, as Eastern Canadians do, towards our No. 1 military and economic partner. A confederation of Western Canadian Provinces would be a better partner to the United States of America than they currently enjoy in Ottawa.
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Now one might wonder why this position is pertinent? Consider this New York Times articleLatest Arena for China’s Growing Global Ambitions: The Arctic.
The Arctic is thawing, and China is seizing the chance to expand its influence in the north.For China, the retreating ice potentially offers two big prizes: new sources of energy and a faster shipping route across the top of the world. To that end, the country is cultivating deeper ties with Russia.
More than 3,000 miles from home, Chinese crews have been drilling for gas beneath the frigid waters of the Kara Sea off Russia’s northern coast. Every summer for the last five years, Chinese cargo ships have maneuvered through the ice packs off Russia’s shores — a new passage that officials in Beijing like to call the Polar Silk Road. And in Shanghai, Chinese shipbuilders recently launched the country’s second icebreaker, the Snow Dragon 2.
China’s ambitions in the Far North, said Aleksi Harkonen, Finland’s ambassador for Arctic affairs, mirror its ambitions everywhere else. “It’s after global influence,” he said, “including in the Arctic.”
China is aggressively entering into Canadian waterways and is after our resources. Only a close `fellowship of the Arctic ring' with the USA can deter this intrusion on our National sovereignty. Wexit has more brains than Ottawa.