Wexiters rally at Alberta legislature to push for secession - Edmonton Sun

-25 degrees and still 260 people brave the cold to vocalize their support for a referendum at a rally at the Edmonton Legislature. 
Demanding a separation referendum, a reported crowd of 260 vocal supporters of the newly-registered Wexit Canada party gathered for more than an hour in the numbing cold outside the Alberta legislature Saturday. 
“This is the best part of Canada. We have to cut off the sick and dying part to protect the best part,” Wexit leader Peter Downing told the crowd.
According to the article, there was a wide swath of people of different backgrounds and persuasions that all supported Wexit. 
Airdrie resident Bridgit Frostad, who identified herself as an environmentalist, said she had found a political home with Wexit after becoming disillusioned with the provincial NDP. She said she disagreed with any hostility toward other parts of the country. 
“I don’t think that’s going to happen. A lot of people in the Wexit movement have completely different views, that’s how things start. But what we do all agree on is that we are being treated unfairly, and our laws need to change, and you cannot keep treating your citizens this poorly,” she said. ...
Speakers included First Nations advocate Virginia Bruneau, and retired corporal and Afghanistan combat veteran Shaun Arnsten.