Article Analysis on Global News's "Buffalo Declaration: A deeper look at the latest display of Alberta’s discontent"

Global News reported:

"Albertan members of Parliament issued a call to action Thursday, warning that a referendum on independence is inevitable — unless the Liberal government steps up and creates constitutional change.
The Buffalo Declaration was signed by four MPs from Alberta: Calgary-Nose Hill MP Michelle Rempel Garner, Banff-Airdrie MP Blake Richards, Medicine Hat-Cardston-Warner MP Glen Motz and Peace River-Westlock MP Arnold Viersen."
This is astute, and I will help streamline what it says. The Buffalo Declaration essentially says: 
Feds, get the hell out of Provincial Jurisdiction. It is a violation of our Constitutional rights and hence illegal. We want a functional Alberta Firewall to protect those rights or we Leave. This is not a game and is not a negotiation. Quit poking at the Prairie Grizzly Bear. 
Dimples, I mean MP Rempel, then:
"tweeted out the document, writing: “Alberta is not, and never has been, an equal partner in Confederation. The people of my province are suffering and need real, structural change. A line in the sand must be drawn.”
“Structural, constitutional change must happen within Confederation or a referendum on Alberta’s independence is an inevitability,” it reads.
“It is not our job to explain Alberta’s value, it is now up to Canada to show they understand Alberta and our value to Confederation.”
Now it is important to pause here and understand what is transpiring. These are Conservative Members of Congress. These are not Separatists and they all ran for office as Federalists. The fact that they are uncomfortably, nationally, speaking out about a growing grassroots tsunami is a strong exclamation point on the discontent of their constituents. 
It is at this point in the Global New article - (Global News is funded by the Government of Canada to bend news coverage to align with the Liberal Parties orthodoxy, or as they put it, to remove fake news) - that the "reporter" tries to undercut the voice of our Western representation. And to an Albertian, this is rich!! They interview a Professor from Ontario to understand rural Albertans, LOL. You can't make this stuff up!
"Lydia Miljan, a University of Windsor political science professor, said that the declaration is likely an attempt to get Canadians talking about the problems facing Alberta.
“I think Albertans have learned through our long history that when a province complains, when a province demands a different agreement with the federal government, it tends to get something,” Miljan said.
“It may not get all of its demands, but it certainly gets a lot of attention.”
Yes, the Ontarian expert has equated Albertans to a millennial tweenage girl that is depressed because they're not getting enough FB attention. 
We don't want attention. We want the Feds to get the hell out of our provincial faces. Give us less attention. Leave our money alone. Leave our freedoms alone. Leave our resources alone. Leave us alone. What do you think Separation is anyway? It is forcing Canada to leave Alberta alone.
But this article gets richer yet. It then brings in its next esteemed expert to explain to Easterners not to worry about the hissy fit tweenage Alberta is having, and to backhandedly educate Albertans by explaining that this Separation thing is really, really, really hard to do.
"Christo Aivalis, a postdoctoral fellow in the department of history at University of Toronto, told Global News following the October 2019 election.
“Separating is not an easy process, it’s not a quick process. It could take years and years and years to figure out, and by then there could be an election where a pro-Western party, under their definition, or a pro-Western prime minister takes power. And maybe they wouldn’t want to separate anymore,” he said.
The process of separation is laid out in The Clarity Act, which was created in response to Quebec separatist movements."
What is it with the Government-sponsored media that they seek to understand the Buffalo region by interviewing a Torontonian? I'm not even sure Torontonians are from the same planet as regular Canadians, let alone Albertans. 
And if you really take the time to think about what this fancy "postdoctoral fellow" said (and isn't `fellow' a progressive intersectionally racist term?) you'd see that he inferred Albertans were ... perhaps ... too lazy to pursue it. 
To paraphrase, "It takes a lot of work to separate, so even if Albertans start the process, they'll give up before they finish"
I think he just called Albertans lazy (?). Yet whether he did or didn't, he did rehash the anti-Brexit strategy, to politically drag out the process while they re-educate Albertans with their propaganda News agencies, to reverse any referendum results that Ottawa is unhappy with.
And Alberta leaving Canada will make Ottawa unhappy. Many Easterners don't understand this yet, but Alberta has been picking up their tab for their entire life. When Alberta leaves, they'll have to pay their own bills. And the bills are friggin huge.
And the irony of his disingenuous claim, that separation is not an easy process, is unraveled with his admittance that the process is clearly laid out in the Clarity Act. The process is quite simple. When Alberta leaves, Canada can't tax us anymore or tell us how to live. 
This is not to say that there won't be any bumps down the road, but industrious workers know that labour is its own reward, and that the journey is worth it to get to where you want to go.