Angus Reed Poll - 50% Albertians see separation as a real possibility

Angus Reed Research findings touching on the subject matter of Western Alienation and Alberta Separation. These are official governmental grade statistics.


"Separatism finds the most purchase in Alberta itself, where half of residents (50%) say it could happen."

Infographic scaling Provincial Happiness with Confederation. Note how unhappy Alberta is.

Angus Reed Conclusions of gathered statistics

  • More than six-in-ten Canadians (63%) say they think the number of Western Canadians angry about the treatment their region receives from the federal government is on the rise. This includes more than seven-in-ten (73%) across Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and B.C.
  • That said, two-thirds of Canadians (68%) think Alberta separating from the rest of Canada is unlikely or “would never happen.” In Alberta, half of respondents (50%) see separation as a real possibility
  • Alberta is also the place where the idea of a Western Canada Party enjoys its greatest support (40% in the province say they would vote for such a party)

In the four westernmost provinces – the perception that anger at the federal government is on the rise tops seven-in-ten (73%).
The historical data bears out a sense of increasing resentment. The Angus Reid Group asked this same question in 1991, and while a perception of anger has grown, it has not grown evenly across each western province.
In Alberta, 86 per cent of respondents say anger at the federal government has been increasing, up from 63 per cent in 1991. The percentage saying this also tops eight-in-ten in Saskatchewan, but it has increased more modestly in British Columbia, and remained statistically unchanged among Manitobans since the early 1990s:

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