Meme - The Geometry of Alberta Separation

Alberta Separation takes shape! :)

Graphic courtesy of Kathy Flett's twitter.


  1. What are you gonna do when the oil is gone or worth even less than it is currently? Who's fault is it that the price of a barrel of oil dropped below the cost of oil sands production? If you want Trump to treat you like Puerto Rico then I'm sure they are looking for a land route to Alaska and once the decision has been made for Alberta to separate it'll be a short step to obtain the connection from Alberta to Alaska . Most of the support for Alberta separation is probably generated by a combination of US and Russian bots. Their end game is similar to what happened to the Ukrainian Crimea region. The creation of multiple, unstable new countries along their undefended border with Canada won't be tolerated, that's for sure. Albertans can be American or Canadian. Take a trip south of the border to see what being American looks like before making your decision.

    1. "Experts" who don't live in Alberta don't have a clue about whats going to happen here.
      As demonstrated in the above comment.
      CBC fan I'm guessing

  2. I'm no expert but 5 years ago when kids with zero knowledge or experience could show up to the oil sands, get a 6 figure job, drive an $80,000 truck and party like rock stars you're not living in the real world. It's unsustainable, if you think it is you're probably a Fox news fan.


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