Question Period in Ottawa. "Does this government want Alberta in Canada"?

The Teck Frontier project has been stopped by the Liberal government.

"Under these liberals", 200 billion dollars has been forcefully removed from Alberta by intrusive Federal Policy.

For perspective, that is:
  • 16 times the GDP of Canada’s Aerospace sector and 10 times the Automotive sector.
"This Prime minister actively blocks projects and fails to enforce the law equally." 
  • 200,000 energy jobs - gone. More than all the jobs in automotive and aerospace combined.
"So here's the real question speaker, does this Prime Minister want Alberta in Canada or not?!!"

  • The answer sophistically rendered by the Alberta hating Liberal member of parliament ... `naw'. (I paraphrase it to remove the subterfuge and double-speak).

The western separatist movement is not some fringe political outliers. This is a conservative member of parliament, a federal representative, that is asking these questions. 

Well done MP Shannon Stubbs!!

Canada has declared war on Alberta. It is time for us to move on.