Separatist talk in Calgary and it's nowhere near nuts - Calgary Sun

"Many say there is an elephant in the room but this is one elephant up and roaming around. This elephant named Wexit, separation from a Canada where the game sure looks to be rigged and Alberta is no winner. ...

Ted Morton, former Alberta finance minister and long-time warrior for the West, suggests Trudeau’s plan for net zero emissions by 2050 could be the PM’s way of forcing Alberta out of Canada. ...

Morton crystal-balls if unemployment gets far worse and personal insolvencies go even higher and office towers in Calgary get even emptier then support for separatism could go from 20% or 25% to 50% or 60% and then there’s a real crisis.
For Morton if Quebec had been treated like Alberta they would be gone long ago.
If Alberta could renegotiate a new deal within Canada, it would, since the current arrangement has clearly invited an attack on the oilpatch.
A crazy $32,000 a minute goes out of Alberta to Ottawa. Quebec gets the lion’s share.
Morton says maybe that’s why seven in 10 Albertans aren’t happy and three out of four Quebecers are quite satisfied.
Alberta is getting screwed and the situation is worse than 30 years ago."
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