The Teck decision is the culmination of Trudeau's anti-oil agenda - National Post

"Rarely, if ever, has folly been granted such total rein, and incompetence a wider playground"

"If one were to assemble a group of the most insidiously devious minds that this world
has spawned (the Prof. Moriartys and Lex Luthors of the world) and ask them to devise the surest way to snap the bonds of Canadian Confederation, disenchant and alienate an entire productive region of the country, paralyze the nation’s transportation system and, while they were at it, deepen the rift with Canada’s Indigenous citizens, they’d report back in a heartbeat:  “Sorry, we can’t come up with anything that beats what you’ve already got — the present Trudeau government.”
Teck Resources’ announcement that it is shelving its proposed Frontier oilsands mine is a political earthquake. It is the capstone of this government’s anti-oil and anti-Alberta policies. It shows that the turbulence of the past three weeks is about to be surpassed by something larger.
The cancellation follows the West Coast tanker ban, the stalled Trans Mountain and the Coastal GasLink pipelines, the rejection of Energy East and the dense thicket of always swelling regulations, assessments, protests and court cases. Teck is the last of a dark chain of projects that have been scrapped or strangled, which has resulted in billions of dollars being chased away from the country and tens of thousands of jobs aborted, while the Trudeau government danced and chattered away with its useless crusade against carbon-dioxide emissions. Rarely, if ever, has folly been granted such total rein, and incompetence a wider playground."
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