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The Freedom Conservative Party (FCP) on Friday announced a 5-point plan to try and unite Alberta’s different independence parties.

Global News reports:
"Alberta’s Freedom Conservative Party has announced its intention to unify the province’s right-leaning independence parties, which include the Alberta Independence Party, the Alberta Advantage Party and the Wexit Alberta group. 

The FCP released a five-point unity plan on Friday outlining negotiations and ratification between the parties, a founding convention and a leadership race. The party said the goal is to run 87 candidates in the 2023 provincial election.
“In our platform, we have equality or independence, and instead of splintering the disenfranchised right into three or four other parties that are more or less addressing the same issues, we’ve opened up the door for the other parties to join us in unity,” FCP president Bill Jones said.
The FCP ran 24 candidates in this year’s provincial election, garnering 9,945 votes, which translated to roughly 0.5 per cent of the popular vote and no seats in the legislature....

A unified party would appeal to three types of Alberta voters: disenfranchised conservatives that don’t support or are losing support for the UCP, ex-Reform Party supporters and Wexit group members.

Alberta Independence Party

The AIP was the first registered political party in the province with independence at the top of the election platform. It vowed to hold a referendum on separation within 120 days of forming government.
According to party officials, they are aware of the FCP’s proposal but admitted that no formal discussions have taken place yet. ...
the AIP just finished drafting its bylaws and constitutions, and is fresh off an election with 63 candidates, earning 13,531 votes or 0.7 per cent of the popular vote. They, too, did not win any seats in the legislature....

Wexit Alberta

Meanwhile, the Wexit Alberta group confirmed it has had formal discussions with the FCP, accepting nine of the 10 proposals on the table.
The non-negotiable factor, according to Wexit Canada leader Peter Downing, is the new unified party must be under the Wexit Alberta name. ...
Wexit Alberta launched on June 9, and Downing believes there are between 4,500 and 5,500 paying members.
Although it’s not a registered political party in Alberta, the group is working to collect 9,000 signatures to officially register as a party, Downing said.
According to Downing, the group’s ultimate goal is to run candidates both provincially and federally. ...

Alberta Advantage Party

According to Marilyn Burns, the leader of the AAP, the FCP has not reached out about its interest in merging the parties."
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