WEXIT calls for merger of Alberta’s independence groups - Western Standard

As reported in the Western Standard;

"WEXIT Alberta Leader Peter Downing says that the time has come for the province’s disparate independence groups to stop fight each-other and unite as a single party.

Downing told the Western Standard, “The quickest, most practical way for us to defend Alberta, is to get together the different independence groups to become one, united independence party of Alberta.”
Downing said that the new party should include his own WEXIT organization, the Alberta Independence Party, Freedom Conservative Party of Alberta, “Alberta-First faithful within the United Conservative Party, and non-registered groups supporting independence.
Downing’s call for unification was welcomed by Freedom Conservative Party President Bill Jones, who said that there must be “no conditions,” and that all parties in negotiations need to put everything on the table for it to work.
Get it done boys!! The trick is to actually come together and start negotiating: Quit negotiating in public by stating your particulars to the media. Get your arses over to Timmies, order a round of java, and let the communicating begin. There are a lot of unsaid dynamics here that can be worked out. We need to get past any residual ego and job security dynamics and see if we can focus on the specifics of what an independent Alberta would look like. I, for example, seem to differ on what I've heard from these other separation brothers, I would like to see Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Nunavut separate into a new country. BC is part of the reason we are here now, so why the heck would I want to separate with them?? The West Coast is far too liberal and infested with the green cult. there are other areas of BC (farther from the coast) that I would be interested in having join our cause. However, those areas would have to individually break from BC via referendum and join us.

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