Albertans Excitedly Anticipate Getting Paid With Their Own Money - Babylon bee - humour

A little levity from the Babylon Bee, slightly amended to make it pertinent to us Northerners.

".. People all around the country are excited to get paid with a little bit of the money that they paid the federal government already.
Canadians (1) from all walks of life said they couldn't wait to receive a check with a small percentage of the money the government had already taken from them.
"I can't wait to get that $2,000 (1) check of my own money," said one man in Alberta (1), rubbing his hands together. "Surely this will get the economy back on track."
I suppose the only people left working in Canada are the workers operating the money printing press. Given the world economic downturn, it seems unlikely we can simply borrow more money ... b/c people don't have money to lend. So what is a Trudeau and our dimwitted liberal representatives to do?? I mean, they did promise everyone 2000 dollars a month for 4 months or so. Where is that money going to come from? The mint will rev up the ole printing presses and simply make money from thin air.
And what is the effect of printing tons of currency fullscale? Inflation and recession, followed by a currency crisis and the bankruptcy of the Canadian pension plan.  Dang it, aren't we glad we dumped that Harper fellow!! You know the one, that guy that took us through the sub-lime mortgage crisis of 2008 (otherwise known as the Great Recession) and left us with no national deficit. 
That's right kiddies, when the conservative Harper government took over power from the liberals, there was a massive deficit. And that is when the global Great Recession stuck, with Harper in power. Despite that, when Harper left office ('cuz we elected him out - and by "we" I mean Ontario and Quebec) he left Canada is a strong fiscal position with a zero deficit. We were ready to start paying down our massive debt! But then Trudeau occurred. And now, under Trudeau ... we are in danger of total economic collapse. We've spent Harper's hard-earned savings and are living on credit, printing money, and artificially floating high as we go up in smoke. And I do mean "high" literally, given the legalization of marijuana. 
And Canadians wonder why Albertans want to separate. Sheesh!!

(1) amended word from the Babylon bee.