BREAKING - Alberta Separatist Parties Merging - Wildrose is reborn! - Western Standard

 In a groundbreaking and Canada shattering agreement, the FCP (1) and Wexit are joining forces under the Wildrose umbrella. As reported in the Western Standard (2):

"The Wildrose is back in Alberta – and this time they want the province to leave Confederation

The Freedom Conservative Party of Alberta (FCP) and Wexit Alberta have decided to join forces and, if members approve, will be called the Wildrose Independence Party of Alberta.

The FCP’s Bill Jones and Wexit’s Peter Downing signed the agreement to merge on Monday. ...

It’s founding principals state: Alberta will be strong, free, and sovereign; Alberta will sever all ties of domination from the federal government; Alberta will immediately repatriate all powers granted to it under the constitution as it seeks to sever or radically redefine its current relationship with the federal government.

“Alberta will establish its own constitution and its own Charter of Freedoms. Alberta’s government will hold the freedom of its citizens as its highest responsibility,”

What a fantastic development.

Read the full Western Standard article HERE.

(1) FCP - Freedom Conservative Party of Alberta 
(2)  "Wildrose is Back: FCP & Wexit to vote on merger" - April 27, 2020, by Dave Naylor