Premier Kenny, the acting Prime Minister of Alberta - Rebel News

"The Kenney government in Alberta is filling in the gaps where Justin Trudeau is neglecting the province. From unabashedly stepping on the toes of the federal airport authority to replacing federal food inspectors with provincial officials, the feds are slowly but surely getting kicked out of Alberta.
Kenney is demonstrating that the federal government is an optional burden. Albertans have learned the hard way that when faced with hard times, we can only rely on ourselves.
This climaxed this week, when Kenney slammed Trudeau's Chief Medical Officer, effectively saying that Dr. Theresa Tam was a shill for the People's Republic of China."
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And Honorable Kenny, I implore you to give up any aspirations of becoming the Prime Minister of Canada (if you have them), and instead focus on becoming the Prime Minister of Alberta when we separate. You can be our John A. Macdonald.