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Continuing the agenda of the late Pierre Elliot Trudeau and his National Energy Program, the Justin
Trudeau Liberal government implemented numerous laws and regulations during their first term in office. These laws and regulations were established to squeeze the West into submission through economic destruction leading to poverty and reliance on the government. These tactics were executed under the guise of ‘environmentalism’, ‘post-nationalism’ and ‘progressivism’. Eastern youth were further convinced that the driver of Western economic success was “dirty.” As a result of Liberal policies, hundreds of thousands of jobs were lost. This has led to severe anxiety, depression and an increase in suicide among the Western people. Contrarily, this is not what the mainstream media has showed the Eastern population. Instead, emotive videos of a dying planet overrule the emotions of a family weakened through financial stress or a child without a father. In the next four years of the Trudeau government’s second term, we will see the final push for Western submission.

The Objective:

We must create a blockade to end Eastern influence that opposes economic liberty, social stability and Western self-determination. The only way this can be achieved is through a peaceful separation. Drawing new borders will allow the West to develop its natural resources, economy and culture without interference from Eastern Canada and/or foreign special interests. Cautiously, other methods of secession, including but not limited to, the implementation of a “de jure” government, will either be ignored, or viewed upon as seditious by the federal government. Anyone calling for this approach to secession does not care about your life – they care only to see the results of their ideas, which would surely fail. The end goal for each province is a free and democratic society founded upon a citizen-led collaborative constitution.


In 2016, “The Plan” was put in place to deal with an expected Trudeau re-election. In short, Phase One was the development of a digital network through a marketing campaign which was designed to lay the infrastructure of a Wexit movement and launch “Wexit” into a trending status at the announcement of a Liberal re-election. This was accomplished without algorithmic A.I. or major funding despite disinformation campaigns by the mainstream media and their ‘experts’. The Plan also introduced the idea of new parties on a provincial and federal level - Wexit Alberta, Wexit Saskatchewan, Wexit Manitoba, Wexit British Columbia and Wexit Canada. Using “Wexit” throughout all groups not only co-branded the Wexit movement as a Western unified movement, it also increased the Wexit SEO, eventually leading to full scale public awareness at the announcement of a Trudeau re-election.

Secession Process:

A provincial referendum on secession must occur within each province aspiring to exit Confederation. This process begins with either a current sitting provincial Premier or MLA to draft and pass legislation on a clear question of secession to be voted on by a provincial referendum. After consulting with constitutional lawyers, the question is then sent to the House of Commons for review to ensure the question is clear enough. The House of Commons can reject the question under the requirements of the Clarity Act. If the question is approved, a provincial referendum vote on secession would proceed. Under the Clarity Act, a clear majority must show that secession is the will of the people. After which, negotiations shall begin between provincial and federal governments. However, it is highly unlikely that the federal government would play fairly through this Secession Process. We must anticipate this and in return be transparent with the public about our strategy. In our determination for Western Independence, we must exhaust all options for the sake of Western Unity. Many Western Independence supporters disagree on which approach should be taken to achieve Independence, therefore, we must (in a timely manner) provide evidence that some options are, in fact, dead ends. Meanwhile, alternative plans will be in place, and those who see that the plan they had hoped for has failed, will unite with the majority core. Remember, secession is only attainable in unity.

Wexit Canada:

Wexit Canada holds a unique purpose and meaning for its registration as a federal party – it will act as the federal shield for provincial secession. Being the first registered party, it provides further national exposure to the Wexit movement, it brings Westerners under one banner and allows the message of Western Independence to be heard on a global scale. Furthermore, it serves to approve of the provincial referendum question. As stated earlier, the “Question” must be approved through the House of Commons. As it currently stands, the West has zero MP’s that openly sympathize with the will for Western Independence. Today, we can only expect that a referendum question would be denied immediately upon arrival at the House of Commons. We must have Wexit support within the House of Commons. We understand that Wexit Canada’s purpose is temporary - its sole purpose is to assist the provincial secession referendums within the House of Commons. Furthermore, a Wexit Canada federal party would be dissolved after the West Exits Canada.

Wexit Alberta:

Wexit has consistently kept pressure on Alberta Premier Jason Kenney to acknowledge the will of the people and hold a referendum on secession. However, Jason Kenney remains committed to his federalist position. [Plan A]: Alberta currently has two registered Independence parties – the Freedom Conservative Party and the Alberta Independence Party. Unfortunately, neither of these parties laid the digital infrastructure necessary to project them into the national/international spotlight and gain the centralized majority support. Wexit Alberta has made numerous attempts - both publicly and privately - to have an amalgamation of all Albertan Independence parties. [Plan B]: Wexit Alberta has no choice but to register as a political party, elect Wexit Alberta MLA’s or a Wexit Alberta government and ensure the referendum question is asked.

Wexit Saskatchewan:

Saskatchewan Premier, Scott Moe’s “New Deal” would be the largest effort made by a Western Premier at this time. However, it would be foolish for the People of Saskatchewan to believe that Justin Trudeau will acknowledge a “New Deal” while he is committed to relentless and intensified attacks on Western industry. So, is Premier Scott Moe willing to place a referendum question for secession on the next provincial ballot in approx. one years’ time? [Plan A]: Wexit Saskatchewan will not register as a political party if Premier Scott Moe is willing to uphold the will of the people and hold a provincial referendum on secession. We would support Premier Scott Moe in this decision. [Plan B]: If Premier Scott Moe refuses to place the referendum question on the ballot, the People of Saskatchewan will have no choice but to register as a political party, elect Wexit Saskatchewan MLA’s or a Wexit Saskatchewan government and ensure the referendum question is asked.

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