Alberta's Fair Deal Panel Report - Our direction forward

 A fair deal for Alberta - What is it?

The Fair Deal Panel consulted tens of thousands of Albertans through in-person town hall meetings, an online survey, and stakeholder interviews to get input on how best to define and secure a fair deal for Alberta.

The panel submitted its final report to the government in May 2020. It recommended numerous ways to ensure Alberta has a strong voice in Confederation, including fairer funding allocations from Ottawa, better representation for Alberta in the House of Commons, and exploration of an Alberta Pension Plan and Alberta Police Force (1).

 This is the link for the full 68 page report.

Fair Deal Panel Report

The Alberta Government's response to the recommendations

The Fair Deal Panel's report contained 25 recommendations that the government has broken into 4 response categories:

  • recommendations where work is already underway and will continue
  • recommendations the government accepts-in-principle and will work to implement immediately
  • recommendations where there is support to conduct further analysis
  • recommendations that do not completely align with government direction and further analysis and/or modifications are required
No recommendations were rejected outright (2).

This is the link to the Alberta Governments full 16-page response to report.

Alberta Government Response.

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