My Top 2 Favorite Dumb Arse Kijiji ads from Alberta - Ask ABE

To start off our finalist round-up for Dumb Arse Kijiji ads from Alberta, this one made me smile :)

Free Stuff in Edmonton:

A used Hockey puck - for Free!! What a deal!. And that come hither prompt: "Come and pick it up". So enticing.

I think it would cost me more in gas than the puck is worth, LOL. But if you're itching for a free used rubber circle, head over to Kijiji quickly, there's only one!!

Now, this next one is truly mind-numbing. He qualifies for a dumb arse honours award for thinking people are stupid enough to fall for this Tomfoolery. And what wool did he try to pull over the bargain hunter's head?

A Kijiji guy apparently cut down a tree in his yard. But now he has a large ugly stump sitting there with an extensive root network below the soil. So he has two options: 1) dig it up himself, and that is a truckload of work, or 2) hire a stump removal service for a lot of money. But no, he thought of a 3rd way - - -  Kijiji ad:

Free give away Spruce Tree stump

Lol, Yes that's right, you can drive over to his house and take his stump from him for free!! What a deal. I was just wondering where I could get a nice stump at an inexpensive price! Just bring your own shovels and it’s all yours. And you can skip the gym membership because you'll be too tired after this workout. -- However, if someone actually came and took it ... this guy might be a genius and I'm the dumbarse! :)

If you find another winner, post it in the comments.

by Honest Abe.