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Let me tell you a little something about the country formerly known as Canada. It was a country founded on the principles of freedom and democracy, but was eventually replaced by a magical new system centred around a magnificent leader named Justin Trudeau. In the year 2020, the people of Canada would say goodbye to their old country and its old ways so they could wilfully accept a new way of thinking, governing and living. Eventually, they would go on to be called Trudopians and their beautiful land would be called Trudopia.
Trudopia is what Canada should be informally known as to anyone who isn't a Liberal voter or supporter. As our media and even some Conservatives continue to give our magnificent leader a free pass on everything, the rest of us are watching our country evolve into something that resembles a quirky and light parody of North Korea. ...
The real point of this story is how Justin Trudeau has taken the opportunity to strengthen his own political positions and to pass laws without any parliamentary approval or oversight—all while Canadians sit around and let him do it. On top of that, many Canadians are now collecting CERB cheques and are unwilling to go back to work until the free money stops flowing. Under the excuse that it might be “unsafe” to return to work, millions of Canadians are now happily earning money for doing nothing. ...
The First Power Grab
Luckily we had a Conservative opposition in place that was able to stop Trudeau's first grab at power in March. Fortunately, there are some constitutional rules left in Canada that even Justin Trudeau can't get around. In the end, Liberals retreated on their power grab.
Originally, a Liberal bill intended to give Bill Morneau the ability to increase taxes and create new ones until the end of 2021. It would have also granted the Finance Minister the authority to hand out borrowed money to anyone and in any quantity that Liberals deemed appropriate. Gaining wind of the exact wording of the law, Conservatives shot it down and immediately accused Trudeau of abusing his powers.
This all went down while Canadians shrugged. After it went down, Trudeau's approval ratings soared. ...
Daily Press Briefings By The Magnificent Ruler Of Trudopia
A truly skilled dictator would never let a crisis go to waste. But it's not really Trudeau who has the skill—it's his handlers and strategists. I'm not convinced Trudeau can formulate a coherent sentence without a script, but Gerald Butts can. So, in some ways, this is becoming more of an oligarchy than a dictatorship. That is, however, what most dictatorships really are.
The Liberal cabal was unable to achieve a legal power grab in March, so they turned to optics and their friends in media.
It has been proven that in times of crisis, the people need reassurance and comfort more than they need real leadership or facts. Liberals know this better than any other cabal of sociopaths and megalomaniacs. In Canada, their job is made easier.
 Canadians have never really had a penchant for freedom. They've never really had a passion for anything other than hockey and crummy coffee that tastes how I would imagine water from an ashtray to taste after being filtered through a dirty ass crack. Canadians consume mainstream news like its food from God. They don't question it, they don't second guess it and they don't bother getting their information from anyone else. If they heard it on CBC, CTV, Global, or CNN—it must be true.
 Free-thinking Canadians exist, they're just in the minority.
Knowing all of this and using it to their advantage, Liberals quickly realized that stowing Trudeau away at Rideau Cottage and having him do daily, televised press briefings was all it would take. Within just a few weeks, Trudeau's popularity began to surge and his party's poll numbers were edging back into majority territory from their election low of 32%. Fast forward to June and the Liberals are above 40% and projected to win more seats than a majority requires.
The magnificent leader has even used his daily briefings as a platform to push Liberal Party messaging. Canadians care not.
SNC-Lavalin, blackface, peoplekind, ethics violations and excess spending on planes and meals have been forgotten. In a matter of weeks, Canadians have become so cataleptic that they've forgiven Justin Trudeau for everything. Just like that, Trudeau went from being a loathed rich kid and ex drama teacher to the beloved founding father and supreme leader of Trudopia.
What Failures?
In January, Theresa Tam was regurgitating propaganda from the World Health Organization stating that there was no evidence of human-to-human transmissions of the virus. In February, the Liberals and Trudeau were lecturing us about anti-Chinese racism and stigmatization. In the same month, our Liberal Health Minister was telling us that travel bans don't work.
It took the Liberals until mid-March to finally ban travel from China and to implement restrictions—which, depending on who you ask, never really went into full force. During the entire so-called travel ban, flights from China and other hot-zones were still coming into Canada, according to Flight Aware.
When Justin Trudeau told us that strict screening measures were happening at all Canadian international airports, CTV reported that it was not true. Hundreds of travellers passing through Pearson International Airport reported entering the country without ever being screened for, or asked about the virus.
None of this seems to matter to the loyal citizens of Trudopia. They're just glad to be at home, seeing their magnificent leader's face on television everyday and collecting their free money.
Free Cash, A Long Vacation And Endless Naiveté
The entire pandemic has now become a paid vacation for many Canadians. The biggest losers are small business owners and entrepreneurs that have watched years worth of hard work get wiped out by mandatory lockdown measures. The worst part of it all is that Canadians—and the Liberal government—believe that small $40,000 loans and tiny injections of cash will somehow save them all from bankruptcy.
The small-time mechanic, the independent hair dresser, the taco stand owner, the small niche restaurant owners and the various small businesses that were paying rent and barely managing with what they were earning—they are now expected to survive with a measly $40,000 loan and a few thousand in handouts per month until everything picks up again.
Meanwhile, their employees are refusing to come back to work before the end of June because... why should they? The CERB payments are free for them. A lot of them have no children, so why should they care if ours have to pay it all back?
We are now in a situation where the economy could slide into a long-term recession due to high levels of insolvency and bankruptcies if we don't bail a majority of small businesses out with even larger sums of borrowed cash. Canada, along with the rest of the world, is stuck between a rock and a hard place. All the while, a bunch of freeloading Canadians continue to enjoy their extended vacations at the expense of everyone else.
How could any of them disapprove of Justin Trudeau at this point? If the rest of us lived in bubbles filled with rainbows and fairy dust, we would too.
I hope you've enjoyed your stay in Trudopia. You might be here a while.

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