Alberta oil arrives in Saint John after journey through Panama Canal - Global News

After a lengthy, nearly 12,000 km journey from British Columbia through the Panama Canal, the first shipment of Alberta crude oil has arrived on Canada’s East Coast.
The Cabo De Hornos — loaded with oil from Calgary-based Cenovus Energy — departed the Trans Mountain Terminal in Burnaby, BC., on June 18.
Yes people, this is how stupid Canada has become. And because of this lumbering lunacy, the purpose of why the Provinces originally joined confederation is no longer relevant. Why should Alberta continue to pay into a failed state when our products can not be transported through it? 
The vessel’s nearly month-long circuitous route to Saint John was a journey made out of necessity, according to industry analysts, as Canada’s oil sector works to make due without the cancelled Energy East Pipeline project
 “The idea that we would send a tanker from the west coast all the way down through the Panama Canal back up the east coast to a refinery in our own country is certainly a clumsy solution,” said David Yager, an analyst with Yager Management Ltd.
The Saint John-based Irving Oil had backed the Energy East project, which would’ve connected their refinery to producers out west.
But the idea was dropped in 2017 after outspoken opposition from environmental groups and the governments of Ontario and Quebec (And Trudeau and his Federal Liberals).
Despite New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs voicing support for resurrecting the project, nothing has materialized. (And nothing ever will).
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