CBC Fake News Pushes China Propaganda - Ask ABE, Opinion

I'm going to walk you through a Canadian Press story published at the CBC. This story is the perfect example of China State propaganda being pushed in Canada, and Canada's mentally dull press happily gobbling it up. 

Let's start with the clickbait title: Ontario business schools foster ‘hostile environment,’ racialized students say. 

What does this title tell us? It says that Canadians are racist, and that Canadian institutions are racist. This is a theme that communists have been pushing for decades, and we see the fruits of that effort everywhere (just look south of the border at the burning progressively elected cities that relish in this narrative). For those that are unfamiliar with this topic, I'll take a moment to explain. 

Classical Marxism radicalized people around the narrative that there are two classes in society, the workers and the owners. Their aim is to foster hatred in the workers towards the owners with an end desire to spur a societal revolution where they aspired to create a utopian Marxist society.  So Marxism is a materialistic cult with a grandiose vision of a future Eden. However, their class-struggle angle of attack was effectively repelled by a strong middle class (and a Christian infrastructure that pushed back against the communist cult's counterfeit moral pinings). There is no class struggle in the West, so the Communist Manifesto was irrelevant and dead in the water. 

Because of this, a tactical change was hatched. Instead of pushing materialism as the basis of class struggle, they would shift to a more primordial, guttural, and Freudian "Id", for their Id-iology. They would now push to divide nations on the basis of race, marinating the society in a Darwinian struggle of the Species. 

This isn't a new idea, it's been done before. And I am perplexed that no one seems to have connected this dot with its historical precedent. You see there was another Socialist Society that emulated communist doctrine but injected a racial cornerstone for its architecture: that was the National Socialist German Workers' Party. They also divided society based on race and ethnicity. What we are witnessing is a rebirth of Nazi doctrine, with a socialistic push to state totalitarianism with a racial purity test. Today, we call this Identity Politics.

With this backdrop, let us now return to our Canadian Press story.

 Business school students in Ontario are sounding the alarm about what they call outright racism from fellow students and a lack of equity and diversity training among faculty.
A number of social-media accounts have popped up in recent months, anonymously recounting stories of racism happening in universities across the province.

Schools such as Queen’s University in Kingston and York University in Toronto are among those that have come under fire.

Kelly Weiling Zou, a 20-year-old Singaporean-Chinese student studying commerce at the Smith School of Business at Queen’s, said the racism she witnessed pushed her to create a platform for students to vent about their experiences.

Ms. Zou created the Instagram account “Stolenbysmith,” which has amassed more than 12,000 followers and shared more than 300 stories, ranging from tales about barriers to career opportunities, social ostracization based on students’ backgrounds and encounters with discrimination from faculty.

“The Smith administration has historically failed to respond to students’ call to action in addressing issues of discrimination within the school,” Ms. Zou said in an interview. “We can’t change systemic barriers, only they can as they have the power.”

First, notice the weapons that the Progressive fascist Left utilize, they reject fact-based objectivism and subjectively use feelings and personal antidotes to evoke an emotional response. There are no facts pinpointing institutional racism or "systemic barriers" (whatever that means). Why? Because there isn't any institutional racism in Canada. As Rex Murphy said, Canada isn't racist! They have to push a dishonest narrative to try and evoke an emotional response. 

Second, what are they pushing in this CBC article? They want programming that parallels Nazi Germany's state programming: racial programs that divide people into an hierarchy of genetic superiority and inferiority. They want "equity and diversity training" for all faculty. These faculty members need to be taught to treat people differently based on their skin colour! These are racist demands for racist programs by a racist people (who are not Canadians!). 

Third, Where is this initiative coming from? Is it a Canadian? No. The calls of racism are coming from outside of Canada, not from inside. A foreign student is calling Canada racist.

Think about that for a second. Canada is acting benevolently by allowing any nation or racial group to access our top tier educational programs. And this individual that evidently has never studied Canadian history, wasn't raised in Canada, and has limited exposure to Canadians calls us racists? This despite the fact that Canada welcomed her with open arms and shared our resources with her: allowing her to better her life. She is a shameful woman rot in narcism. And worse, she seems to be tethered to an ideological slant that dictates that capitalistic free societies (such as Canada) must be destroyed. How so?

How do we know it's a foreign student? Because they identify the student like this: a " Singaporean-Chinese student studying commerce". They didn't say a student of Singaporean-Chinese ethnicity, which would cement it to mean she was likely a Canadian citizen. Their specific phrasing is odd and seems to be intentional. We do know that China party members take degree programs at Western Universities. These same students try to organize the students to self-hate their country. For example, China's supreme leader Xi has a daughter, and she studied and graduated from Harvard. We also know that the FBI has identified Confusious institutes as CCP propaganda wings to inject Maoist doctrine on campuses, as well as to facilitate in the theft of academic research.

So China has communist party plants in Western Universities and Colleges around the world. They set up organizations on campuses for espionage and the propagation of CCP propaganda, as well as to stir discontent into the heart of their enemies bellies, to weaken them, and to ferment revolution. 

Given this ... Who is this "Chinese" identified foreign student that is calling Canada racist? This student who is striving to set up student protests, and racist movements and organizations that proclaim veiled Nazi doctrine? Does she have ties to the CCP? Is she a member of the CCP? Is her dad a member? I think these are pertinent questions. It is possible that the article was poorly written so that the inference of foreign citizenship was accidental. It is possible she is a Canadian citizen and is merely infected in the Id-iology of the progressive Maoist cult, and that she isn't a machiavellian CCP schemer. She maybe a simple "useful idiot", as Marx described them, and pushes for things she doesn't understand? 

Either way, why is the Canadian press so enamoured with blatant CCP propaganda and the widespread dissemination of Nazi ideology? 

Or maybe ... I'm just Crazy!!

honest ABE.