Trudeau uses toddler reasoning to evade Scandal questioning - Lawyer Analysis at Viva Frei

"This might be the cringes moment in the history of Canada politics. Justin Trudeau, in the midst of his THIRD ethics violation scandal, refuses to answer a simple question from Pierre Poilièvre. It would be comic if it weren't so tragic".

This video is frustrating to watch and is the perfect example of why a growing contingent of Western Canadians hate Justine Trudeau: because he is a lying, thieving, backbiting SOB that regards Canadians as too stupid to follow a conversation. His haughty disposition is such an odd counterweight to his childish answers, where he seems to think he is outwitting Pierre's clear questioning. He presents as a toddler answering a lawyer, unable to understand the questions, or too imbecilic to understand that everyone, other than himself (and perhaps the CBC) can obviously see he is disingenuous.

This raises the question though: does he evade these point-blank questions because he is too stupid to understand them? or because he regards Canadian's as being too stupid to understand them? The 3rd possibility would be that he relaxed himself with some pot prior to this video, which considering the gravity of it, would be imbecilic (again, if the word fits, I'll use it again). I mention this only because of his past history in this regard, because of his seemingly impaired ability to understand the questioning, and because his eyelids are half shut, which is characteristic of cannabis impairment. 

My take is he is a bit high (on marijuana), and out-of-this-world smug. And he is too simple to understand that he looks like a fool talking to a genius, or a liar evading an honest examination. 

I think it goes without saying that he has been coached and that his refusal to answer the question is calculated: because if his family received more money than was publically exposed, and he gives the publicly available number, he has perjured himself, which is against the law. What is dumbfounding, is how lowly he regards Canadian's intelligence with his childish evasion of simple questions. 

Honest ABE.