Buffalo Project calls on western MPs, senators to block feds' 'green recovery' - Calgary Herald

Ottawa’s proposed post-pandemic “green recovery” would strike a death knell for Western Canada’s economy and must be blocked by Prairie MPs and senators, the Buffalo Project lobby group said Tuesday.

In a pair of open letters addressed to lawmakers, the group pushing for what it calls a better economic deal for the region says the Sept. 23 federal throne speech that’s to include a focus on environmental sustainability is a threat to western prosperity. ...

“Now, the promised remaking of the country’s socio-economic structure, we worry, will be the final nail driving our economy and way of life into the ground.”

It’s calling on the premiers of Alberta and Saskatchewan, Jason Kenney and Scott Moe, to join MPs and senators to push back against the “green recovery” proposal while advocating for private investment incentives and the retroactive release of withheld national transfer payments to both provinces.

They also reiterated their call for unobstructed access to tidewater for the two provinces’ natural resources and an unequivocal statement of support for the energy industry from the Trudeau government.

Among those who stand to lose the most, they say, are First Nations who support and rely on energy development.

It’s time for federal lawmakers from Alberta and Saskatchewan to put their region first, said Robinson.

“It’s time those MPs not focus on what’s best for the country, but what’s best for the West . . . to start acting like westerners, not Canadians,” he said.

That’s not a call for western separatism, said Robinson, but is consistent with how Quebec federal politicians operate.

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