Feds give money to big oil down East, but not to West - Ask ABE

I want to compare two regional articles that help illustrate how the Trudeau Liberals hate Albertians, not just our oil, but Alberta and it's people, our libertarian culture and our livelihoods.

First for your consideration is this story from The Calgary Sun:

Bell: [Alberta's] Kenney fed up with Trudeau but what's next, premier?

It’s the kind of question you ask the losing coach in the locker room after yet another loss for a team with a lot of losses.


In this case, you ask Premier Jason Kenney.

You ask him what’s next? Trudeau knees us in the groin. Again. Still. Of course.

What’s next? What is Alberta going to do now? Kenney’s strategy of playing nice doesn’t seem to be working.

When the premier hustled for his job he had a bark where you half-expected he’d have a bite stronger than the neighbour’s Rottweiler.

We wait.

Let’s not coat the facts with sugar just because the facts taste like hell and are hard to stomach.

We’re sick and tired of hearing about Trudeau sticking it to us.

How many times do we have to hear how the Alberta government goes to Ottawa and comes back with the square root of squat?

How many times do we have to hear about how we ask and do not receive from Ottawa or get even worse than what we had?

How often do we want to hear how we’re kicked to the curb or ignored or piled on?

And, in these tough times, we don’t even want a handout. We just want a little of our money back and a chance to work without Ottawa putting up roadblock after roadblock.

On this trek through the political desert, isn’t it time for Alberta to draw a line in the sand?

There’s a reason they say talk is cheap. We don’t need talk. We need a win. ...

[And] By the way, Alberta didn’t get the $6.5 billion it was looking for.

Now compare that story about Alberta and our Oil Patch receiving nothing but scorn from the Federal Liberals, with this story from the CBC.

Feds write cheque for $320 M to support workers, lower emission for N.L.'s struggling offshore [Oil companies]

The CBC reports:

After months of repeated industry setbacks, lobbying and a rare public rally by [oil] workers, the federal government responded with a big injection of cash Friday into the struggling Newfoundland and Labrador oil sector.

Natural Resources Minister Seamus O'Regan revealed during a news conference in St. John's that Ottawa will hand over $320 million to the provincial government, with the only caveat being that it be used to support workers and reduce carbon emissions.

"This is about jobs in our province. This is about the future of our sector," O'Regan told the small gathering of politicians and industry leaders at the Johnson Geo Centre.

The announcement comes after six months of crushing losses for the province's offshore oil industry. Workers took to the steps of Confederation Building last week to speak about the anxiety they feel amid layoffs and cutbacks.

Odd isn't it? Big oil receives aid down East, but not here in the West. This double standard almost seems malicious, purposeful, malevolent... towards Albertians. It's almost as if the Trudeau Libs hate Albertians even more then they hate fossil fuels (or prosperity, as fossil fuels are defined globally, and historically).

honest ABE