Separation preserves Canada, it doesn’t break it up - Alberta Press

Excerpt  from Alberta Press:

The Wexit Canada separatist movement isn’t breaking up Canada but rather preserving Canada, says Wexit member Ambrose Ralph who hosts Alberta to the Point podcast. ...

“Perhaps we are not leaving Canada,” he said. “Perhaps we are preserving Canada in the west for our future generations so our children and our grandchildren can have the same opportunities we had.”
"We are not leaving Canada… we are preserving Canada." – Wexit
Ralph said Canadian values are diminishing in the east and not the west.
“The Canada that we once loved and cherished is dying. The Canada that I was willing to give my life for, those values that made Canada great, the ones that made Canada the best country in the world, are strong and alive and well in the west. Family values, work ethic, honesty, helping your neighbour, truth, duty, loyalty and honour, they are all strong here in the west.” ...
“Don’t put ourselves in a position where our children and our grandchildren ask us why taxes are so high, why Canada has a multi-trillion dollar debt. I just hope we don’t say ‘yeah we were once prosperous and had a decent life and the government stole it from us.’ What did you do they will ask us. ‘Nothing. We did nothing. We just sat back and watched it all happen. Sorry.’” ...
“We must vote for us, for our children, for our grandchildren, and not be concerned how the east votes. We must unite in the west and vote for Wexit Canada.”
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