Top 3 Dumb Arse Kijiji free ads - Ask ABE

It's time for a new list of dumbarse Kijiji ads. If you missed the first, see it here.
First on the list, someone is selling a recliner chair. The chair is listed as "used". I am unsure how anyone could mistake it as being anything other than used based on the photograph, lol.
Second on the list is also a chair. Much like the first, it is amazing someone has the moxy to try and unload this on someone else, lol. 
And lastly, the 3rd dumb arse Kijiji ad, though, this one kinda grossed me out. I don't know what this thing is!! But why would I want to take a free one from a stranger off the classifieds? But if you want to eat this thing, or whatever you do with it, he will leave it outside by a car in the parking lot for you to pick up. So you never need to meet him in person. This ad leaves me speachless ...

honest ABE