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 A letter by Paul Hinnman, published in full from Wildrose.party

Alberta’s energy future has never been so precarious.  All Albertans, now more than ever must stand united and use every possible tool and tactic to prevent the further intrusion of a bullying and oppressive federal government set on destroying our economy and livelihoods while promoting an idealistic Trudeau pipedream of a carbon free society. For over twenty years we have hung on to hope and believed that people would wake up to the reality that this pipedream is not realistic and they would come to their senses.


The fact is, we need to come to our senses and accept Trudeau’s obsession with wealth redistribution to buy votes, global governance and his commitment to the UN declaration on climate. His latest remarks in the throne speech to “build back better” and previous throne speech “You can’t make a choice between what’s good for the environment and what’s good for the economy. We can’t shut down the oilsands tomorrow. We need to phase them out” should concern all Albertans.  This truly is a dangerous, destructive and discriminatory policy. With his new Canadian Energy Regulator (CER) being overseen by cabinet Trudeau has taken complete control over all our natural resources and infrastructure projects.  Every project is now subject to his cabinet approval even after meeting all the onerous regulations as set out by the CER.


On 20 Feb 2020, the CER approved the desperately needed $2.4B TC Energy Natural Gas Pipeline Expansion Project (NGTL) here in Alberta. Under Bill 69, cabinet could take up to 90 days to give their partisan political okay for the go ahead. They failed to follow their own draconian bill and on May 19, 2020, postponed the decision for another 150 days. Where was our Premier?  Premier Kenny and Minister Dale Nally were silent, apparently more concerned about Erin O’Toole and his leadership race.  The 150 days will be up next week on the 19th and Trudeau has effectively pushed this critical infrastructure project out to next year at best as well as causing major disruption to the $1.5B winter drilling program.


This has been a complete failure of Premier Kenny’s government to stand up to Ottawa and defend our oil and gas workers and industry here in Alberta. To add insult to injury Trudeau had no problem giving the okay for BC to go ahead with TC Energy’s Coastal Gas Link Project and paid off the few opposing hereditary chiefs an estimated $240 million dollars even though the elected chiefs had signed the agreement recognizing the great benefits for the indigenous people of the area.


Premier Kenny promised to axe the carbon tax and campaigned on jobspipelines and standing up to Ottawa. One foul ball and three strikes Jason! How many times did you tell us you know Justin and are not afraid of him? What we have observed seems that Justin knows you even better and is not afraid or even a little bit concerned with you as a self-declared “unqualified patriot”. It does not matter how bad we and our industries are mistreated you declared that we are married, till death do us part!


Premier Kenny must give the go ahead to TC Energy on this project and tell Ottawa to keep their nose out of provincial jurisdiction as the project is within our borders. The Province, if necessary, should take Ottawa to court on behalf of our industry and sue for job losses (5500), capital investment losses ($3.9B), revenue losses and the economic multiplier of this project. Trudeau has completely hijacked and politicized this CER approved project.


Premier Kenny needs to defend Alberta’s future and let Ottawa know that we are Putting Our House In Order and will exercise our constitutional rights to develop and transport our own natural resources. We need the Premier to take bold action and take control of our Province and economy.  Our first critical action needs to be to give Ottawa notice that we are establishing the Alberta Revenue Agency, right here in our own province, with Alberta workers.  Alberta will collect all taxes on behalf of the federal government as well as our own. Alberta will create its own police forceemployment insurance planpension plan and immigration policy. Ottawa must transfer the Environmental Act to the province just as they did with the Resource Transfer Act in 1930.


It is crystal clear that Trudeau will not stop until he has phased out and shut down the oil and gas sector in Alberta and shutter in our economy.  We as Albertans must stand up and declare enough, no more!


I invite every Albertan to SEND JASON A MESSAGE: “PUT OUR HOUSE IN ORDER.”


If you agree with me, please go to our website www.wildrose.party and become a member and make a donation  As we stand together, united as Albertans, I genuinely believe we can push Jason to act on our behalf and implement these critical initiatives.


Together we can create a free and prosperous Alberta. We can truly be the best place in the world to live, work, raise a family and be a model case of freedom.




Paul Hinman

Interim Leader Wildrose Independence Party


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