Trudeau threatens to kill Alberta's New Railway, just because. - Ask ABE

Trudeau hates Alberta. He's killed 4 Alberta pipelines, banned oil freighters that carried Alberta oil to international markets off B.C.'s coast and passed a carbon tax on Alberta prosperity, soon to be followed by a second carbon tax. He has paralyzed our industry and screwed Canada, which is funded by Alberta. 

Hey Trudeau, do you think Quebec will stay in Canada if it isn't bribed by Alberta's oil money to stay? 

Sometimes I wonder if he isn't secretly a Bloc Quebecois member gaming the system for Quebec separation. Irregardless, Alberta continues to work around these impediments and managed to land a new railway that would travel through Yukon to Alaska. You see, there is no tanker ban in American waters, and railways are not pipelines, so they can carry any products (wink wink nudge nudge). 

It is a testament to Alberta's ingenuity that we keep striving to make a living despite Trudeau's unconstitutional interference in our Province. By unconstitutional, we mean illegal. Yet quite startlingly, in a newly emerged interview, we see Trudeau musing on the prospect of killing Alberta's new railway project: bizarrely, he almost seems to be threatening Albertans to attempt to build it. And intimidating the investors with the threat that the federal government of Canada will not allow this project to pass. It's almost as if it's a mafia racket, and Trudeau is posturing for a bribe. Otherwise he'll personally bankrupt their investment. 

Do businesses that wish to build in Alberta now need to donate large sums of money into the Trudeau foundation to have their projects approved? Is this analogous to when the mafia would threaten a shop for a cut of their profits: otherwise something "bad" would happen? The mafia ironically called this "protection money", ironic because it was protection from the mafia. Is this what Trudeau has turned Canada into? Would this project be approved if the railway investors gave "protection money" to the Trudeau foundation? 

Alberta, it's abundantly clear ... we need to leave this corrupt country. 

Here's Trudeau playfully discussing the murder of Alberta.

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