Yet another Trudeau fuel tax will mean 22 cents per litre carbon tax at the pumps - Edmonton Journal

 Excerpts from David Staples' Edmonton Journal article:

... It’s still working on the details but essentially the CFS will be a second carbon tax. It will be applied to companies that produce all forms of fuel, making them pay a tax on the energy needed to produce that fuel. Companies will either pay the tax to the government or purchase carbon credits or offsets.

A leading critic of this second carbon tax is Ontario-based Dan McTeague, who was a Liberal MP for 18 years. He is now president of the advocacy group Canadians for Affordable Energy.

The new fuel tax will drive up energy costs, McTeague said. Consumers will be paying more for everything that is dependent on fuel, including essentials like fuel for cars and home heating fuel.

When the new tax comes into effect in 2022, he estimates Canadians will be paying 11 cents per litre from the old carbon tax, as well as 11 cents per litre for this second one — 22 cents of carbon tax per litre in total.

I asked McTeague what the CFS will mean for the Canadian energy industry.

“It will mean a shut down of the industry and significant pain on Canadians ...

Canadian manufacturers are also worried about this second carbon tax, states Miguel Ouellette, an economist for the Montreal Economic Institute.  “Canada would become the only country in the world to include natural gas and propane in such a policy, placing numerous Canadian businesses at a competitive disadvantage. ...

If we go down this road, we should be ready to accept a lower standard of living and less generous social programs. 

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