Trudeau to use Covid for Great Reset - Ask ABE

This is a video of Prime Minister Trudeau at the United Nations. In it, he clearly states that Covid presents an excellent excuse to push through radical leftist policies. These policies are openly dog whistled as a "reset". This particular word, and the context in which he uses it, seems to refer to the "great reset" that the World Economic Forum has coined and promoted; Where it is used glowingly to describe the establishment of a Global Communist (or Fascist) world order, where its citizens, "own nothing" and have "no privacy" (WEF link).

The takeaway here, is that Trudeau himself states that his governments' Covid measures are not truly about the health of Canadians, but are instead the leverage needed to circumvent democracy and its constitutional protections for dictatorial aspirations. Words have meaning, and he says it. 

I wonder how long it will take until youtube and fb scrub these videos from existence? 

Supplemetary, I will post a second video of Trudeau where he jovially states that he wished he had the same power over Canadians that China's dictator Xi has over China. When you compare what is openly stated in these two videos, you see something ominous and concerning.


Check out this article outlining Trudeau's up-and-coming policies for implimenting the marxist Great Reset to destroy Canada.