CBC Journalist Brags About Ratting Out Worshippers at Church - Infowars

Infowars published a story that exposes CBC's progressive activism and Christianophobia. This CBC "journalist" is reminiscent of Nazi snitches that reported jews and Jewish sympathizers for incarceration. I find it interesting that she has since "hidden" this tweet.

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This tweet wasn't hidden before, but it is now. So she's limited its reach to the public, but shes simultaneously kept it visable to her peers, likely to signal to the CBC hierarchy her utter disdain for Christianity. I suspect she later limited its view from the general public because it was exposed and faced ridicule. Apparently, this particular type of Christian xenophobia looks good on a journalistic portfolio?


As reported at Infowars:

The CBC "journalist" (Smyth) "shared video of herself spying on the Church from afar while keeping a tally of every Christian who left:

The "bombshell" video showed families standing around peacefully and happy children running around and playing in the Church's parking lot.

Smyth made clear her intention was to get the Churchgoers persecuted for worshiping our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ by retweeting a bunch of stories about other Churches in the area being fined by the corona cops."

And if you dislike Infowars and uphold its censorship, yet you watch The Daily Show with Jon Stewart or Trever Noah, you're a hypocritical turd. They're the same thing, just on opposite sides of the political spectrum. And compared to the CBC, at least Infowar's reporters don't try to jail Christians.

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