Is Alberta right about independence? - Vancouver Sun

"According to George Bernard Shaw, “the single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” Dialogue, healthy dialogue is the foundation of solid respectful relationships. For anyone who looks at and understands the relationship between Ottawa and Alberta they know it has been toxic, controlling and hostile. Prime Minister Wilfred Laurier in 1905 divided up the Northwest Territories and in doing so forever ensured that Alberta would be subservient to Ottawa. Laurier’s Minister of the Interior, Clifford Sifton in 1904 said, “we desire, in fact every patriotic Canadian desires, that the great trade of the prairies shall go to enrich our own people in the east to build up our factories and our workshops and contribute in every way to our prosperity.” The Canadians Sifton was referring to were those in Ontario, not Canadians from coast to coast."