Alberta to launch provincial parole board - Edmonton Sun

Alberta Firewall update! A recommendation from Alberta's Fair Deal panel was finally implimented. Finally!! Now lets start legislating the rest of the recommendations and firewall our province off from external federal control. Here's the Story:

Alberta’s first provincial parole board will be up and running as of Feb. 1, Justice Minister Kaycee Madu announced Thursday afternoon.

In June, the Alberta Government passed legislation creating the Alberta Parole Board, which will take over control of the fate of provincial prisoners from the federal government, in an effort to tackle rural crime. ...

The parole board was a recommendation from the province’s Fair Deal panel that consulted thousands of Albertans to explore how to give the province more leverage with the federal government. ...

The new provincial parole board, chaired by former Calgary police chief Rick Hanson, will determine early release eligibility for inmates serving a sentence of less than two years in provincial correctional facilities. Madu said the board will make decisions on a case-by-case basis “without external influence.”

The federal parole board will continue to determine eligibility for inmates with sentences of two years or more. ...

Alberta becomes the third province, joining Quebec and Ontario, to have its own parole board.

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