Western separatism surging! Can it be averted? - The Western Voice - The Post Millennial - Video

"Recent polling has found support for Western independence in Alberta at 36 percent. That is an all time high and the numbers just keep growing. Westerners are frustrated and feeling helpless. Ottawa appears to be indifferent to them at best, hostile at worst. More and more people are concluding that breaking away from Canada may be the only way to protect their long-term future. Cory Morgan spoke with Josh Andrus of Project Confederation about the surge in separatism and what may be done to calm the West. Project Confederation is an organization seeking a new deal for Western Canada. According to them, our current system should not be treated as if it were set in stone. The Canadian constitution can and must be reformed if Canadian unity is to be maintained. Constitutional reform is no easy task. Efforts failed repeatedly in the 1990s. Andrus explains how it can be done and why it should."