Canadian Guantanamo .. Dictatorship - Nadine - Youtube



"Please do not sit idly by while they take away our civil liberties and destroy our right to life and property. God has granted us our freedom, not government. Government has but ONE responsibility to its citizens and that is to protect our rights to life, liberty and property. As you listen to my rant and note my anger, I hope that you get angry too; BUT I also hope that you direct that anger in the right way. I encourage every person living in Alberta today to pick up the telephone and call your MLA, your MP… I encourage every person living in Alberta today to write your MLA, your MP and relay your disgust and disdain for this criminal act. I encourage every Albertan to accept personal responsibility for their actions and I encourage PEACEFUL civil disobedience as you refuse to accept these draconian and unlawful rules being dictated by politicians and the unelected officials they are hiding behind. It is time Alberta to go back to LIVING our lives, not hiding from it. They have lied to us and have already cheated you and I, our children and grandchildren – the world - of 1 full year of our lives – let not any other minute pass us by – we determine our own future, not government. Tomorrow put your mask aside and let the world see your glorious face, your beautiful smile, help your neighbor – do not tell on them; and never, never stand by and watch injustice happen in our country, this Province again. To the many soldiers that have fought and died to ensure our future liberties – in their names I ask you to stand up with courage and conviction and start LIVING. Open your businesses, be respectful of ALL persons rights, shop local, support one another – it is time to rebuild – but let’s do it our way." -- Nadine