Quebec steals Alberta's 51'st State Thunder!

Apparently there's a new political party in Quebec that advocates for everything that many of Alberta's separatists want for Alberta. It's called Parti 51. Maybe if Alberta tarries and Quebec throddles, we'll have to rename ours to the 52 State movement, lol. Here's their plagerized vision for Quebec (straight from the francaphone's mouth):

"We are living in the age of globalization. The environment is a global issue, just as health, economy, organized crime and terrorism. Corporations are now giants that exceeds frontiers, just as crime syndicate and terrorists. The threats to free and democrtatic societies have never been greater. The Quebec nation is proud and holds both a fascinating history and rich culture. How can we face the challenges of this globalization while preserving the flame of our great nation?

While the idea might seem quite original, it is far from new : that Quebec becomes a sovereign State of the union that are the United States of America. Indeed, at the very creation of the United States, they were already offering us to join the union and negotiations were undertaken on more than one occasion.

It was generally the difference of religion that caused the demise of these attempts. The U.S. Constitution is a document without equal conceived to insure the specificity, independance and respect of its member States. Californians, Texans and New-Yorkers have little in common if not for their desire of freedom and democracy. The American flag is generic and evolutive, even the name of the country is generic ant therefore respects the specificity of the member States. Contrary to popular belief, the country has no official language and the Law even provides that Governement must provide access to its service to someone that does not speak English.

Obiously, the economical and political advantages of such a union for Quebeckers are undeniable. Quebeckers would no longer be simple spectators of world impacting decisions, but actual decision makers in the full with an important, sometimes

decisive influence in the world’s greatest economic and military power. Quebeckers would have access to a stronger dollar, an extraordinary market and would be safe from protecionnist mesures that have affected them so much in the past.

Finally, a State in the union is sovereign and can legislate in all spheres : Quebec would have its own criminal laws and could even have its own militia, simply put, we truly would be « masters in our own house ». Quebec as 51st state would be endowed with its own constitution, conceived to ensure respect of its langage and culture but also to ensure a governement free of power abuse and corruption.

We believe it is time for Quebec to assume its « manifest destiny » and firmly set foot in the 21st century."

Click here to visit the Quebec Parti 51 and donate (cuz if they leave, it'll sure be a lot easier for Alberta to leave).