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Man Who Accidentally Threw Away 7,500 Bitcoins on Hard Drive Has New Plan to Retrieve His BTC

The British man who accidentally threw away a computer with 7,500 bitcoins on its hard drive has come up with a new plan to retrieve his lost coins from the city landfill. “We estimate there are between 300,000 – 400,000 tons of waste to look through,” he said.

Man on Mission to Retrieve 7,500 Lost Bitcoins

James Howells, an IT engineer who accidentally threw away the hard drive of an old computer containing 7,500 bitcoins back in 2013, has not given up his quest to retrieve his coins. The 35-year-old from the city of Newport in the U.K. has shared with The Sun publication his 12-month plan to search the city landfill using x-ray scanning devices and AI technology. ...

At the time of writing, 7,500 bitcoins are worth about $246 million. ...

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