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Kenney says Trudeau 'showed contempt for democracy in Alberta,' following Senate selection blindside

"Who fills the remaining vacant Senate seat in Alberta would be a question asked of residents on municipal ballots this October". 

This story in the Post Millennial strikes me as odd. Kenney was shocked that Trudeau gave Albertans the middle finger in regards to representation in the Senate. Kenney apparently thought Trudeau would relinquish the political power grab and allow Albertans to democratically elect their own Senator. What planet has Kenney been residing on? Why do you think Alberta has a separation movement Kenney? What colour is the sky in Kenney's world? Hint, the sky in Kenney's world is whatever colour Trudeau says it is!!

As reported in the Post Millennial:

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney denounced the federal government Thursday for filing one of the province's two vacant senate seats ahead of the province’s October Senate elections.

"Today, Prime Minister Trudeau showed contempt for democracy in Alberta by appointing a hand-picked representative of Alberta to the Senate of Canada in advance of our province’s Senate elections," read the premier's statement.

"The Prime Minister knows full well that Alberta will be holding elections for Senate nominees in October of this year."

The premier said he informed him of Alberta's forthcoming Senate elections at their July 7 meeting in Calgary. He told him that the Alberta legislature had adopted a motion calling on the prime minister not to fill the two current Senate vacancies but to wait for Albertans to choose their preferred Senate candidates.

Everyone in Alberta knew this would happen! The NDP knew and laughed. The Separatists knew and shook their heads in disbelief, not disbelief that Trudeau would openly mock Alberta, but that Kenney was oblivious that this would happen. And the conservatives knew, but were in a state of unbelief, hoping that Kenney with his weak-armed gesture of reconciliation wouldn't be spit upon.
So allow me to offer Kenney some advice. If a fool heeds advice he can stop being a fool. You have to negotiate from a position of POWER, not kenneyness, or weakness (they mean the same thing).
Alberta must start collecting our own TAXES and only send to Ottawa what we think they should receive. Right now, Trudeau takes all our money directly and throws crumbs back at us.
So there doesn't need to be a constitutional amendment or discussion regarding our Transfer payments. We simply don't give them our money! Do you see how easy that is Kenney? And when you timidly ask Trudeau to allow us the dignity to choose our senate representative, and he laughs ... we withhold all of Alberta's federal tax. ALL OF IT! And there isn't a bloody thing Ottawa could do about it; except to bow to our demands and thank us for our charity.

Maybe if Kenney was to pretend that Trudeau was an Alberta Pastor violating health restrictions (which ironically violated Pastoral rights) we'd get some passion from this jellyfish. 
So Kenney, turn your misguided passion to jail Christian pastors into righteous indignation against federal authoritarianism, and let's get a senator that represents Albertans, and not just Trudeau.
Ask ABE.
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