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 Secret mayoral debate the latest blow to transparency in Edmonton's election

Well, it appears that Edmonton's delitescent Oligarchy wishes to groom a new submissive puppet that will acquiescence to its absolute standard of submission and compounding taxes for the furtherance of its communist agenda.

I would love to see who was in attendance at this VIP affair. I surmise it was comprised of the civic unions elite comrades and perhaps a handful of crony capitalists that love to fund politicians to focus taxpayer's hard-earned capital into their conniving little pockets. 

Its attendance would be a who's who of those that want something from their municipal government and don't want taxpayers to know about it. The cure, of course, to this type of corruption is less government. 

Now it must be noted that only one mayoral candidate refused this Oligarchic shindig, essentially signalling that he instead represents the taxpayers, and not those that want the taxpayer's money: and that would be Nickel. That alone, honestly, is enough to consider him voting material.

Here are highlights of the article:

Kim Krushell, Amarjeet Sohi, Cheryll Watson and Michael Oshry were the guests of honour for the exclusive shindig, which featured ... two and half hours of schmoozing

 The first debate of Edmonton’s mayoral election was a spirited affair, featuring a current of combativeness, a no-show candidate and plenty of ideas on how to invigorate the city’s beleaguered economy.

 You really should have seen it. Or at least had the chance.

But most of you never did, because the debate was an entirely private, invite-only event held Thursday evening in a swanky Downtown hotel ballroom. Transparency to the public was clearly not one of the priorities, adding to a disturbing trend in this election that I’ll elaborate on shortly.

Kim Krushell, Amarjeet Sohi, Cheryll Watson and Michael Oshry were the guests of honour for the exclusive shindig, which featured an hour-long discussion followed by up to two and half hours of schmoozing.

As for who was in the audience, I really can’t tell you because the media wasn’t on KV Capital’s invite list, and it was only because Postmedia got tipped off that we even learned of the event.

At this point, the article's author (Keith Gerein) decides to take the next 1/3 or so of the article to lambast Nickels. Nickels, the only candidate who did not bow to the Oligarchy, is then zoomed in upon in an oddly critical fashion; one that has nothing to do with the topic at hand. And the other contenders for Edmonton's top job are unapologetically defended. It's all a little odd, to say the least, and definitely a bit revealing. I can't help but notice that Gerein has done another mayoral article drooling over Sohi, so maybe he's just campaigning for his guy? Or maybe it's just happenstance.


To the conspiracy-minded out there, allow me to venture into the twilight zone of speculation. This comment, "it was only because Postmedia got tipped off that we even learned of the event", is of prima facia interest to us suspicious folk. At face value, someone tipped off the news organization who assigned Gerein to the case, and the outflow in this labour of love was this informative article highlighting Edmonton's dark hidden Oligarchy. Well done Gerein!


However, the reverse would be that those oligarchy sorts were concerned that this secret meeting (to pick a new puppet for themselves) might be picked up by unfriendly media (I'm thinking Rebel News or like). So they took the preemptive measure to selectively leak it to friendlier sources. Maybe this could slant the article to support their agenda and refocus the public's eyes on what they want them to see, instead of the newly revealed Star Chamber that picks Edmonton's mayors! I mean, he does equate Postmedia with himself in the same sentence. 


But I haven't been taking my meds and the wallpapers starting to talk to me, so maybe I'm crazy!


What I would find more interesting is a confirmation that Mike Nickels was even invited! Did they extend their offer to him to jostle with his fellow runners for that glory hole, I mean glorious opportunity to have their hand stuck up his butt .. (puppet metaphor, try to keep up!)? Or did they already know there wasn't enough vaseline in the world to have him obey their dictates (okay, I'm overstraining the metaphor now and it's getting gross, but I don't care!)? 


I guess the most likely scenario is that Nickels was secretly invited and decided the taxpayers should know what was happening: so he contacted post media himself. 


Maybe ... but that's not what my wallpapers telling me!!


But all joking aside, I'm thankful Gerein offered us some illumination on Edmonton's shady Oligarchic underbelly. 


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