GUNTER: Here's some news about Alberta that the CBC likely won't report - Edmonton Sun

"Back in December, CBC had Maru ask Canadians outside Alberta what they thought of the idea of moving to Alberta. It never occurred to Mother Corp that singling out Alberta might give offense.

I’m guessing the very thought of being forced to take up residence in Alberta turns the stomach of most CBC executives and producers at the corporation’s fortress in downtown Toronto.

They see Alberta as Canada’s Alabama. Hicksville. Crude, racist, religious, ultra-conservative. Icky!


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The story CBC posted about the results dripped with sneering condescension. “Alberta bound? Only half of Canadians say they’d feel comfortable making the move.”

“Only.” Notice the snide implication? They could just as easily have said, “Fully half of Canadians would move to Alberta,” but chose instead to go negative.

The CBC just assumed the percentage comfortable with moving to any other province would be higher. Never bothered to check.

That’s how much they detest Alberta. They didn’t even ask about other provinces. They just assumed everyone else would fare better."

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