Alberta to challenge federal Emergencies Act in court - Ask Abe - CityNews - Video


This is a major pushback against Federal Over-Reach. If Canadian Premiers say that the War Measure's Act (1) is illegal and unnecessary, this insanity ends. Good on Kenny for taking this on. I have called him out on several things I disagree with, but I will credit him when he does something good.

And allow me to, on a secondary note, point out a deceptive slant perpetuated here. The establishment media believes you're stupid. Instead of simply reporting on what Kenny said and why he said it, they twist the facts to give the impression that Kenny is a hypocrite. Outside the scope of the story, they propagate a false equivalency to besmirch Kenny. Lori Williams (of Mount Royal College) is salivating at the muzzle to falsely slander this Conservative Premier. Pay careful attention to her deceitful mouth. 

Kenny had previously asked the Feds for RCMP assistance to tackle any illegal activity related to the protest. This is because the RCMP are under federal control and don't answer to Kenny. Later, after Trudeau illegally declared a suspension of Canadian's charter rights (to target his political enemies), Kenny called out this dictatorial-style power grab (see video below). Somehow Lori  seems to think that these are proportional. That Kenny asking for the RCMP's lawful assistance is the same as unlawfully stripping Canadians of their Charter rights and freezing their bank accounts; That supporting the police in enforcing the law is the same as Trudeau taking away our rights and using the police as a bludgeon against legal assembly. No Lori, these are not the same. What you're saying seems to be a purposeful false equivalency to mislead and misinform. 

At the end of the day, we see City News caught abiding to their Federal over-lord by pushing a fake equivalency to smear Trudeau's political enemies. And for this reason I'm calling out City News for FAKE NEWS!

And Kenny ... it's time to dump the RCMP and form a Provincial police force. We shouldn't have our police taking orders from a man that hates Alberta. Get it done!  

Or maybe I'm just crazy? Please voice your opinions below. (and Lori, maybe you should think about getting some BOTOX if you're going to be on TV).

Ask Abe.


 (1) I like the honesty of the original name, so I use it, but I refer to the Federal Emergencies Act.