Disgusting: Trudeau calls Jewish MP a Nazi


Trudeau, the most racist PM in Canadian history, just called a Jewish Member of Parliament a Nazi (1), to her face, as well as labeling all Conservative MP's with the same vile smear. This man is disgusting and should be detested. And people wonder why Albertans want to separate? Look no further than a Prime Minister that covers his face in shoe polish to mock people of colour, who then points his finger at others, with black shoe polish still on it, calling them racist. What he did was actually worse than calling them racist, for by calling them Nazi he was saying they wished to kill other races, and he said this to a Jewish woman, a targeted group by the Nazi. He is a fool. 

Trudeau is actively inciting violence against Conservative Party members - which is illegal and evil! He has legal coverage since he said it in Parliament, but it is still incitement. 

(1) He essentially said to stand with them is to support them, and to be one with them.