India hates Trudeau and supports Freedom Convoy - The Sham Sharma Show - Video

Here's a fresh perspective on Canadian politics from India. This is how the world sees Trudeau and Singh! The CBC can't regulate indian content, so often, outside sources are a good balance to help elucidate political hypocrisy and nullify state propaganda. 

Jagmeet Singh And Justin Trudeau MELTDOWN! | Roasted By Karma | Trucker Convoy 2022

"In this video, we look at how Karma has roasted Justin Trudeau and Jegmeet Singh after they interfered in India's internal affairs, during the farmers protest. Now, both Jagmeet Singh and Justin Trudeau are having a meltdown after a massive trucker convoy in Canada, protesting against the government's vaccine mandates. We look at Jagmeet Singh and Justin Trudeau's meltdown, point out their hypocrisy and cowardice and see how their problems are bigger than just the trucker convoy."